T4 Code Generator December 2010 Update

As I mentioned in my first blog on the T4 Code Generator the T4 Code Generator was released as a experimental feature with almost no testing done. Naturally, it had bugs which many of you have faced. And although working around the issues is relatively easy because of the extensibility features of the T4 code generator, it is certainly unnecessary work. So we have made a number of code fixes and improvements to the T4 Code Generator that will be released with the WCF RIA Services Toolkit release today.

Here is the list of what has changed and what has not in the T4 Code Generator –

  1. First of all, the API remains the same. So the list of methods that you can override to customize the generated code and the way to do it remains the same (as described in my previous post).
  2. There were bugs around the type names being generated incorrectly (including the one blogged by Jeff in his T4 Walk-up experience post). They have been fixed now. So you should not get errors related to type names being generated incorrectly (including enums, generic types, arrays, etc).
  3. There were also bugs around the code that was being generated for Association Properties. Those have been addressed as well. We have done functional testing for this particular fix and made sure that all the association property cases work fine with the T4 Code Generator.
  4. We have fixed bugs and done QA testing to make sure that the code generated by the T4 Code Generator builds fine for all the different scenarios handled by WCF RIA Services. Note that this was not functional testing, but testing to simply ensure that the code generated builds without error.
    So in short, the state of the T4 Code Generator has improved significantly since the Beta release last month. We are still some distance away from the place we want to be, where all WCF RIA Services apps out there are guaranteed to work with T4 Code Generator, but this is a definite step in that direction. We hope to get there in one of our next releases.

Please let us know if you find any more bugs in the code generator and we will try to address them as soon as possible. Also, feedback about the API, features, usability and the T4 Code Generator in general will be greatly appreciated.